Confident Denbighshire
For Everyone Not in Employment, Education or Training

Join us, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Your course at Bryntysilio begins with a thrilling 2-week adventure residential, packed with training, qualifications, and opportunities that equip you with the tools to excel in the world of work.

After your initial training, you’ll explore the hidden gems of Denbighshire on your own terms, guided by our team, as you embark on your right of passage to success.

Over the next 12 weeks, we promise personalised mentoring sessions filled with motivation, guidance, and encouragement. These 1-to-1 interactions will give you the confidence and skills to shine in any work environment.

Your ultimate goal? An inspiring awards session where you can proudly showcase your achievements to friends and family and receive certificates for the qualifications you’ve earned during your time with us.

Join us this Summer and take the first step towards a bright future!

Stage 1

2 Week Adventure Residential inc. 3 Day Expedition.

Stage 2

12 Weeks of Challenge Training Sessions

Stage 3

Final Presentation and Qualification Day

  • This course is completely FREE. You will not need to pay for anything, at all. No hidden costs.

    The 2 week residential, 12 mentor day sessions, food, qualifications and childcare are totally free to you, as we are grant funded to cover your costs.

  • We are in partnership with Working Denbighshire and funded by the government to offer free coaching and guidance to assist those low in confidence that are not in education or employment to access work and career prospects from the age of 16 upwards.

    This will be done in 4 cohorts:

    Cohort 1:  16-25 year olds          Cohort 2:  Single parents           Cohort 3: 26-45 year olds             Cohort 4: 46 year olds and above

  • Initially 14 consecutive days for the camp inc. expedition  +   12 days (1 per week for 12 weeks) to complete the course.

  • We are a unique learning provider to assist you in getting out into work, so much so that we have developed our own route to success for you in building your confidence to be the best version of you.

    In stage 1: We focus on giving you adventures and opportunities to succeed, before a 3 day expedition to see your confidence grow alongside our experienced instructors.

    In stage 2: We then use what we have learnt about you in stage 1 to mentor  you, help you gain qualifications, and get you that all important interview. Qualifications you could potentially achieve are: Level 2 Hygiene Certificate, 1st Aid Qualification, John Muir Award, NVQ Level 2 Building Maintenance and Land Management etc

    In stage 3: In your final session you will be able to show your nearest and dearest all that you have achieved in your time with us. It’s a great opportunity to show how your confidence has developed and you will be presented with your final qualifications and job reference from our CEO.

  • No, as long as you are willing to participate in the course we will help you find the career that suits you best.

    We have a few ideas in mind that we can help you on from Brynty, such as: Chef, Park Ranger, Outdoor Instructor, Maintenance, Gardener, Arborist etc but we are totally up for other ideas, this isn’t and exhaustive list.

  • Yes we will offer to look after you child while you are undergoing the training course.

  • We will happily kit you out with all equipment you need to be able to do the course so you do not need to provide anything so there is no extra cost for you to buy anything.

Feel confident again and sign up below!

Don’t forget its completely free as long as you are not already in education, employment or training.


Confident Denbighshire Course

Confident Denbighshire Course