Activities & Courses

Learning environment

Exciting adventure to create the best fun, leaving all with a good feeling inside and great memories… ready to face the world!

Our Activities

Developing positive mind-sets and a ‘can do’ approach, raising aspirations, coping with challenge and enjoying life.

Rock Climbing


Dancing on rock and coping with challenge



Learning to work together and support each other


Raft Building

Developing ‘thinking skills’ and being ‘creative’

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Challenge and journeying

Gorge Scramble

Gorge Scramble

Wet adventure journey/working together


Hill Walk

Engage with the landscape and the seasons


The Arts

Space for children to express themselves through writing, dancing, painting and ‘talking to each other’


Skills Courses

Lowland Leader Mountain Training and Assessment Awards, Mountain Bike Skills W/ends

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Please email us with your thoughts and we will happily answer questions and work with you to provide you with a unique purpose built day(s) of fun learning opportunities.