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Developing strategies for learning that make sense, sharing memorable and meaningful experiences. Connecting with ourselves, each other and the natural world.


Children’s learning at Bryntysilio is inspired by engagement with the local landscape. Learning strategies are developed to encourage young people to make sense of their learning and understand it’s use in other contexts…at school, home and in the wider community.

While at Bryntysilio, they get to walk in the local hills, seeing people working on the land, looking at patterns in the landscape and reflecting on the natural world. This experience facilitates an understanding of environmental sustainability, developing opinions and fosters positive relationship with their surroundings.

We find that physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development is nurtured through activity in the great outdoors as a positive and fundamental learning platform.

Our History

Bryntysilio has been providing adventure learning in the outdoors since 1969 as the ‘home from home’ experience to Walsall school children, and in recent years it has opened its doors to schools and organisations from all over the UK.

1939 – 1947
First mention of a house on the site of Bryntysilio Hall.
Bryntysilio is mentioned as part of an Estate owned by Lieutenant Henry Clarke.
Theodore Martin and his wife Helena Fawcett buy Bryntysilio.
Queen Victoria visits the Martins at Bryntysilio Hall in recognition of Theodore writing Prince Alberts biography on her request.
Helena died in this year.
Sir Theodore Martin celebrates his 90th birthday by inviting 100 local children to a garden party at Bryntysilio Hall.
Sir Theodore died in this year.
Bryntysilio Hall is sold to George Harrison (not the one of Beatles fame).
WW11 the war years Bryntysilio Hall was requisitioned by the government to house army regiments and refugees.
Bryntysilio Hall is bought by Sidney Aston, a local furniture manufacturer.
Walsall Schools Holiday Camp Trust purchased Bryntysilio Hall.
Schools Holiday Camp Trust provide outdoor residential courses throughout the academic year and holiday weeks for Walsall children.
2011 Bryntysilio Hall - Walsall schools and organisations use Bryntysilio as a residential outdoor educational centre for adventurous activity courses and holiday courses in the beautiful North Wales countryside.
Bryntysilio Outdoor Education Centre was managed and run by Walsall Schools Holiday Camp Trust to provide adventurous outdoor learning to schools and organisations from near and far.
Sees Bryntysilio Outdoor Education Centre celebrating its 50th year delivering outdoor adventure residential courses to thousands of children from all over the country.
Still here delivering real adventure in the great outdoors, while creating memories that will last a lifetime!

As well as providing residential courses, Bryntysilio delivers one-day courses at here at the centre, outreach days at school, and is a venue for conferences and individual groups.  In whatever respect you would like to visit Bryntysilio you can contact us to check if we can accommodate your needs.

This website provides an overview of what Bryntysilio has to offer. If you can’t find the information you want we would be happy to answer any queries you email to us: contact us

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