Non-Profit Partnerships

Tap into the Restorative Power of Nature

Green spaces have a positive influence on physical and mental well-being

We work with each organisation to help realise the benefits of spending time in nature and the outdoors for their community

Bryntysilio is a safe place for people to feel good about themselves
Social Prescription Retreat Summer 2022

Bryntysilio Hall is a beautiful, historic building set in the heart of the Welsh countryside and surrounded by acres of manicured gardens, lawns and woodland. It’s an idyllic setting in which to relax and unwind

Our expert staff utilise the latest research and innovation to develop individuals to access green spaces on their own terms, developing competence and confidence to realise the benefits of nature themselves

Retreats at Bryntysilio

Our retreats are designed to allow individuals a chance to immerse and reconnect themselves with nature.

Enabling all to relax, feel grounded and truly enriched, while our Nidra yoga and carefree adventures will look to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Once confident and powerful, our specialist instructor and facilitators can work with the group towards your goals; confidence to access nature, removing barriers to green spaces, team harmony, and leadership.

Everything is taken care of…

We feel it’s our pleasure to have you here at Bryntysilio.

We have wonderfully wild spaces, equipment, expert instructors and 50 years of expertise in facilitating quality experiences in the great outdoors.

Our chefs also enjoy preparing wholesome, freshly cooked, tasty and healthy meals to ensure you are always well nourished,

Long-term development programmes

We work with organisations and funders who are looking to break barriers that encourage more green physical activity.  Byrntysilio is uniquely qualified to work with individuals over longer-term programmes that develop a sense of independence that allow future participation in nature.  

Encouraging and supporting individuals, groups and communities to access nature have a proven positive impact on their physical and mental well-being.  This doesn’t mean developing skills to scale massive mountains but instead confidence, a sense of self and belonging in wild settings.

These programmes are built around groups and communities, based from a local, accessible hub and is usually a day a week over 10 weeks.  We have the expertise, transports, equipment and passion to get people into nature that wouldn’t usually access wild spaces.

Retreats and development programmes are bespoke to each community, group or funder so please get in contact if you’d like to discuss further