UK Expeditions

Challenge to build confidence

Conservation and/or scientific endeavour

Full customisation by the young people

Create lifelong memories

More ethical & suitable expeditions

21-day, UK-based expeditions for 20-40 young people plus group leaders that give the young people power to explore locations and issues they feel passionate about

The young people in the lead-up decide the itinerary for the expedition alongside our experienced expedition leaders.  All expeditions start and finish at Llangollen, North Wales, beginning with a 5-day training phase, then relocate to a remote setting, usually Scotland, for a 5-day expedition on land, with a second 5-day trip on the water, returning to Llangollen.

Time is given for conservation projects and/or scientific endeavours, guided by Bryntysilio teaching staff.  The expedition ends with time to finish a project and present it to parents/carers and school staff.

Each expedition starts with a conversation, contact us to begin.