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Developing Critical Thinking in Coaches/Teachers

Developing Critical Thinking in Coaches/Teachers 150 150 Chris Eastabrook

Over the summer, I spent some time writing a chapter for a book aimed at Coach Developers that proposes five dispositions to encourage critical thinking. Although written for coaches, much of it would be true of my experience of teacher development. I have referenced some literature from classroom teachers that would be helpful to coaches. The book is due out in early 2023 and will offer more details when published.

The chapter was written with Bryntysilio Trustee Dr Loel Collins.

The Innovative Nature Institute

The Innovative Nature Institute 150 150 Chris Eastabrook

Here you will find a wealth of practical knowledge from our experience and research that we hope you find useful.

Equally, we are in the process of designing a range of professional development programmes for those working in the outdoors.